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**How To Measure For Sod**

Unusual Shapes:  Calculations can be made by sections and totaled.  In this case calculate and add together:  area of triangle; area of rectangle; and one-half area of circle.

Area = (30 ft + 60 ft + 28 ft) x 10 = 1180 sq/ft

Irregular Shapes:  Measure a long (L) axis of the area.  At every 10 feet on the length line measure the width at right angles to the length line.  Total all the widths and multiply by 10.  This formula is within 5% accuracy.  Area = (A₁A₂ + B₁B₂ + C₁C₂, etc.) x 10








30 FT

60 FT

28 FT

Triangle: The area of a triangle is one-half the base multiplied by the height.  Area = bh/2

H = 400 ft

L = 200 ft

Area: 200 ft x 400 ft  = 40,000 sq/ft


Circle:  The area of a circle is the radius (one-half the diameter) squared and then multiplied by π (3.14).   Area = πr²

R = 100 ft

Area = 3.14 x 100² ft = 31,400 sq/ft

Trapezoid:  A trapezoid is a four-sided figure with two sides parallel.  The area is found by multiplying the average length of the parallel sides by the height.  Area = a+b/2 x h

H = 50 ft

A = 300 ft

B = 200 ft

Rectangle:  The area of a rectangle is found by multiplying the length by the width.  Area = lw

L = 100 ft

W = 50 ft

Area: 100 ft x 50 ft = 5000 sq/ft

Oval:  The area of an oval is found by multiplying radius A and radius B and π(3.14) together.   Area = πab

B = 50 ft

A = 20 ft

Area = 3.14 x 20 ft x 50 ft = 3140 sq/ft

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