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Products & Services

Dura Turf®:

Is highly recommended for backyards and playgrounds.  It has a superb wear tolerance and tolerates dog urine, and does well in both sun and shade.

Premium Kentucky Bluegrass:

Is still the most popular used turf grass.

Native Meadow Grass:

Is low maintenance and grows 16 - 24 inches tall.

Sheep Fescue:

Requires low maintenance, and low water, it is good for shade and erosion. Has a light traffic tolerance.


We have available seed for all the varieties of our sod.

Top Soil; Compost; and a Mixture of the two.


A great place for the kids to play!

Line 1: (208) 232-8987

Line 2: (208) 232-5980

Line 3: (208) 478-1591

Line 4: (208) 478-1641

Toll Free (800) 870-8987

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Pocatello Sod, a division of Green Works Inc. Is located just west of Pocatello Idaho and offers quality sod at an affordable price.  Pocatello Sod is locally owned and operated by Joe and Carrie Barboza.

Pocatello Sod

Green Works, Inc.

1525 Sod Farm Road

Pocatello, ID 83204