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Pocatello Sod

Green Works, Inc.

Owners: Joe and Carrie Barboza

Pocatello Sod, a division of Green Works, Inc., is located just west of Pocatello Idaho, and offers high quality sod at an affordable price.  We provide Kentucky Bluegrass, and Dura Turf®, as well as a Meadow Grass that is native to the Jackson Hole area, and Sheep Fescue.  

Pocatello Sod was started by Paul Neibaur 39 years ago, and has grown into a 150 acre sod farm that provides sod to Southeast Idaho, Western Wyoming, Northern Utah, and Southwest Montana.

Since 2008 Joe Barboza along with his wife, Carrie, have been running the business.  Joe and Carrie both have been learning the business from Paul.  Paul is in the process of retiring and is enjoying his time off.

Joe grew up in the Rupert, Idaho area, and has worked on different farms his whole life.  Prior to taking on Pocatello Sod Joe helped manage a 5000 acre farm in Rupert.  He also went to college and got his Degree in Auto Mechanics.  Joe continues to manage the farm making sure that our product is the quality you have come to expect through Paul.

Here at Pocatello Sod we have a dedicated staff that cares about the quality of products we provide to you.

Pocatello Sod

Green Works, Inc.

1525 Sod Farm Road

Pocatello, ID 83204